Cause-Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing brings together a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. These partnerships will raise the public profile of your business and enhance your corporate social responsibility.

Whether it is a marketing-based program, a focus on stakeholder relations, or a component of your advertising, marketing or public relations campaign, we can work together to design and implement a customized strategy that will compliment your business, while enhancing your reputation in the community.

Example: Cause-related marketing can be a transactional gift program where customers are asked to add a donation to their purchase at your store's check-out. This boosts awareness of Lakeridge Health, raises important funds, and demonstrates to your customers that your business is committed to their community.


Retail Stores and Restaurants

  • Percentage back campaign
  • Donation/coin boxes
  • Round-up to the nearest dollar
  • Social media campaigns


Banks/Law/Accounting/Insurance Firms            
  • Employee program (donate portion of their paycheck)
  • Dress down days
  • Staff picnic or BBQ
  • Donation/coinbox
  • Artwork Auction
  • Creative draws for prizes
  • Gift matching


  • Creative toonie events
  • PJ, red days, play days, dances and draws


Local Businesses   
  • Percentage back campaign
  • Round-up to the nearest dollar
  • Ask suppliers to make a donation to help them reach their goal
  • Staff Campaigns
  • Choose LHF to be the recipient of golf tournaments, bbq`s or other third party events
  • Make a donation for every "like" on a specific post
  • Artwork Auction
  • Donation/coin boxes at registers


  • Round-up to the nearest dollar
  • Percentage back campaign
  • Upgrade service for charity
  • Creative online marketing campaigns


For more information on how your organization can get involved, please contact:

Chris Van Dusen, Community & Corporate Engagement Officer or 905-576-8711 ext. 34315