Patient and Family Experience Advisors

Patient and Family Advisors

Patient and Family Experience Advisors are volunteers who share their unique thoughts and perspectives to ensure the voices of patients and families are heard, considered and included. Advisors provide direct input to Lakeridge Health staff about policies, programs and practices that affect patient care and services. Advisors represent the patient and family perspective and help us improve patient care by serving in this advisory capacity.


Opportunities for Involvement

Patient and Family Experience Advisors participate in ways that best match their interests, experience and availability. Opportunities for Advisors can include: Pateient and Family Advisor

  • Story Sharing - Advisors help by talking about their health care experiences with physicians, staff, and other patients.
  • Committee Work - Advisors participate in committee meetings with leadership and staff.
  • Patient Education Materials - Advisors review or help create materials that patients and family members can understand and use.
  • Short-Term Projects - Advisors partner with staff on short term projects or focus groups to help improve services.
  • Serve on a Patient and Family Advisory Council - Advisors meet with other patients, family members and staff to discuss and plan changes to improve hospital quality and safety.
  • Serve as an On-line Advisor - Advisors respond on-line to questions about patient care and how care can be improved.
  • New Staff Recruitment - Advisors partner in the process to recruit and hire staff
  • New Employee Orientation - Advisors assist in presenting to new employees on the concept of patient and family centred care


Become a Patient and Family Experience Advisor

If you have had experience as a patient, or a family member of a patient, at any Lakeridge Health location within the last 2 years, and are interested in partnering with us, please consider applying to become an Advisor.
Read more about the role of Patient and Family Experience Advisors.

Information on becoming an Advisor and how to apply is included in the following document:

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How to Apply

If you have reviewed the above information and are interested in applying to become an Advisor, you may apply:


Complete the online application.

By Mail

You can print this application form and mail the completed form to the address below.



Consultant, Patient Experience 
Patient Experience, Lakeridge Health
1 Hospital Court, Oshawa, ON L1G 2B9

Phone: 905-576-8711 (or toll-free 1-866-338-1778) ext. 2434