Patient Stories

patient stories

Inspiration at its best! 

It is truly inspiring to hear from our patients. This page is dedicated to the heart-warming stories of patients and their families throughout our hospitals in Whitby and Oshawa.   

If you or a loved one has had a positive experience at our hospital and would like to share your story, please contact Lakeridge Health Foundation at 905-433-4339 or  


"[The nurses] knew what I was capable of before I did."

In his early 40's, Ken survived a stroke. With the expert care at Lakeridge Health, and motivation from his nurses, Ken is doing better than ever. Today, Ken is using his musical talents to encourage other stroke survivors.




"I'm so lucky to have cancer care like this in my community." 

At just 32, Selena was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was all too familiar for her mom, who had the same disease at the same age. Thankfully, donor support helped provide the best cancer care, close to home.



"The staff cared for me like I was part of their family." 

Amy Hoffman was diagnosed with breast cancer when her son was only eight years old, thanks to donor support she's cancer free and enjoying time with her family.


"I'm alive today because of donor support." 

Andrea Dion was faced with a life-threatening condition, but thanks to interventional radiology she was able to grow her family. 

 Jennifer Vickers


"It was the first time I felt heard and not alone." 

Jennifer Vickers suffered in silence with an eating disorder before a Lakeridge Health program helped her turn her life around. 


 joanne swaine


"I'm fortunate to be receiving the gold standard of care." 

JoAnne Swaine and her family are thankful for the exceptional care she's received at Lakeridge Health.  

 Jim thumbnail


"I'm alive today to see my grandchildren grow." 

Jim Longo is grateful for the care he has received from Lakeridge Health and for having his hospital so close to home.