In-Patient Pharmacy

$1 million raised for pharmacy

A Prescription to Give

On November 7, guests at our 'Denim & Diamonds' gala had more than one reason to celebrate - their generosity that evening closed the gap on our $1 million commitment to the new in-patient pharmacy!

We would like to formally thank the guests at our gala, donors from our pharmacy appeal and the few leading individuals who have recently stepped forward to support Lakeridge Health.  Together, we have reached our goal in record time - thank you! 

About Lakeridge Health's In-Patient Pharmacy

Every minute, 3 prescriptions are filled at Lakeridge Health to help people get better.  more often than not, those prescriptions will also save lives.  The expert staff in our pharmacy tirelessly review prescriptions to ensure people like you get the right medication at the right time.  

Every one of these medications has a real person behind it: a mother recovering from a difficult delivery; a grandfather with high blood pressure; a child in pain after surgery.

This department has grown to have five times the number of staff members as it did 25 years ago, but it's still housed in the same space.

In order to support the pharmacists who keep medication distribution safe at Lakeridge Health, we committed to investing in a very important expansion of the Pharmacy Department that will take place over the next two years. The department will double in size in an effort to optimize staff roles. Exciting technology updates will benefit thousands of patients in the years to come.