Surgery Program

Family following surgery

Durham is the only Region in Ontario that meets provincial wait times for Cancer Surgery.  Lakeridge Health’s Surgery Program perform more than 27,000 surgeries every year, many of which are cancer surgeries. 

 Surgery is the oldest form of cancer therapy and remains the foundation of cancer treatment.  It provides the best chance to stop certain types of cancer and plays an important role in diagnosing, staging, and supporting cancer treatment.  From prevention to treatment and everything in between, surgery is vital to any cancer program.

The past few years have seen dramatic developments in cancer surgery as well as orthopaedic, and women’s surgery.  Minimal or less invasive surgery results in:

  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Less medications
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stays
  • Less scaring and trauma to the body
  • Smaller risk of infection and complications

As minimally-invasive surgery becomes the standard for many new surgical procedures, equipment needs to be updated to transform operating rooms.  By donating to Lakeridge Health’s Surgical Program, you are helping purchase the surgical tools needed to perform the latest cancer, orthopaedic and women’s surgery techniques!