Clinical Support Services

Lab professional at work

Within Clinical Support Services are the vital programs that support patient care.  Diagnostic Imaging, Pharmacy and Laboratory Services, though not directly involved in patient care, are all critical to determining accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.  Used by every Hospital Program, clinical support services are the gears that keep the Hospital moving.  Making sure these programs are equipped with the latest tools they need to perform their services keeps these gears well-oiled and functioning efficiently.

Diagnostic Imaging

Using equipment like CT Scanners, MRIs, X-Rays and Ultrasounds, Radiologists help Doctors diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.  With healthcare technology always evolving, the lifespan of diagnostic equipment is less than 10 years.  Lakeridge Health is always investing in new equipment to keep up with innovations and enhanced treatment plans.  Funds donated to Diagnostic Imaging will help replace older machines and give way to new updated technology.


A Pharmacy in the Hospital setting is responsible for meeting the medication needs of patients.  Updating equipment largely relates to improving the safety and quality of dispensing, delivering and storing medications for patients.  Single doses, bar codes, electronic monitoring of medication cabinets and freezers are all part of the technology that substantially impacts quality care at Lakeridge Health.  A new scanning system will help deliver medications more accurately across all departments, in less time.


Whether you are asked for a blood or urine sample, most patients know the drill.  What happens next is less well known.  Specimens go through equipment like hematology analyzers, or pathology immunohistochemistry auto-stainers to get test results used in patient management and care.  The pressure on laboratory services has been rising as equipment and service demands increase.  As Lakeridge Health’s regional programs grow, so too does the need for quality laboratory equipment to support accurate diagnosis and patient treatment.