ER and Critical Care

Staff in ER

Lakeridge Health has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the Province.  For many people, the Emergency Department is the gateway into the Hospital and other units or clinics.  From stroke and heart attack to car accidents and injuries, the demand for Lakeridge Health’s emergency services is constant.  The patients that require round the clock attention are admitted to our Critical Care Program.  Better known as the Intensive Care Unit, Lakeridge Health’s Critical Care Program provides 24/7 care to the sickest of patients.

The single most important element to any Emergency and Critical Care Program is having immediate access to state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose issues quickly and accurately.  The ultrasound has evolved to become the stethoscopes of the past.  It is the go-to machine for any emergency and critical care setting because it provides point-of-care diagnostics.  This allows Doctors immediate access to diagnostic services in an emergency room or at the patient’s bedside in the critical care setting.

There is no telling what will come through Emergency doors at any moment.  Doctors must have a variety of medical equipment at their disposal to confront all types of health issues.  To ensure we always have the best equipment at the ready, Lakeridge Health needs your help!