Art That Matters

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Local art auction business puts community giving on display

When a community comes together in support of local health care it's a beautiful thing and Paul Bunner, owner of Art That Matters, is thrilled that his art auction business is contributing to Lakeridge Health's newest collection... of equipment.   

Thanks to the funds raised from Art That Matters and its many locations, Lakeridge Health Foundation can fund upcoming equipment priorities for the hospital.  Since the company's inception in 2015, $30,000 has been donated as a result of bids made on framed art displayed across Durham Region.

"Art That Matters is a new company but it stems from a successful sealed auction model I ran for many years with my father-in-law," says Bunner. "What's different this time around is that we are only supporting local health care so our customers know the money they are donating is going right back into their own community."

While many local businesses display art auction easels, you'll recognize Art That Matters by its use of the Lakeridge Health Foundation logo.  If you see a print you like, simply make a bid and drop it into the attached box.  If your bid wins, Paul will call you with all the details for payment and pick up.  What makes the experience rewarding is what Paul calls the 'win-win-win value'. 

"When you bid with Art That Matters, you get a print worth more than double what you've paid and you know you're supporting a great cause, one that directly impacts your friends and family. Not only that, Lakeridge Health Foundation is also receiving important donations to further their cause."

Paul is enthusiastic about his new project and his connection to Lakeridge Health runs deeper than his business plan. His four kids were born at our hospital, his mother is a retired Lakeridge Health nurse and one of his eldest daughters is also a nurse. 

"Lakeridge Health Foundation's slogan 'Live here? Give here.' really resonates with me," says Paul. "Supporting local means we can keep money right here in our community and I take that to heart.  I even source everything locally from my notepads to pens and printing - it's all done right here."

If you would like to learn more about hosting an Art That Matters easel in your business you can reach Paul Bunner at