Proposed By-Law Amendments

Amendments are being proposed to both the Privileged Staff By-laws and Administrative By-laws. The following is a brief summary of the proposed By-law amendments.

Reference should be made to the full text of the By-law amendments which can be found on the page links below:

Our current By-laws can be found on the page links below:


Amendments to the Privileged Staff By-laws 

The proposed amendments to the Privileged Staff By-laws were approved the Board effective December 1, 2016 and are in connection with the integration of the Ajax-Pickering site. The Privileged Staff By-law amendments implement certain provisions of the Privileged Staff Integration Plan, including:

  • changes in the membership of the Medical Advisory Committee to include Medical Chiefs from the Ajax-Pickering hospital site as Transitional Site Chiefs
  • enabling the expansion of the membership of the Medical Staff Association Executive from 3 to 4 members and provisions to include an additional member of the Medical Association Executive on the Medical Advisory Committee on an interim basis


Amendment to the Administrative By-Laws

It is proposed that section 3.1 (1) of the Administrative By-law be amended to increase the maximum number of elected directors (Trustees) from 16 to 18. This proposed amendment is a result of a third party review of governance best practices as directed by the Ministry's Integration Order.