Building For The Future

Lakeridge Health is on a journey of transformation to become a comprehensive regional system of care for Durham Region and beyond. Our aim is to deliver safe, high quality and seamless health care as well as an excellent patient experience for all those who come to us for support, compassion and care. Our key priority is to improve access to health care services most used by the communities we serve.

Community Consultations

To help us plan for the future, Lakeridge Health conducted large-scale consultations from January-April 2018 with internal and external stakeholders from across Durham Region. Through this engagement process, we received 5,000+ points of feedback and input into what is required for the future. Along with feedback on how to improve our buildings and facilities, we received valuable input on new and expanded clinical programming, technology options to extend access to care and suggestions on ways to expand our role as a leader in connecting the local health care system to serve people better.


Plans & Strategies

As we change and adapt to address the needs of the people living and working in Durham Region, we are using feedback from patients and families, health care partners and the community to guide how and where acute care services will be delivered over the next 25+ years. Information collected is broad based and helping Lakeridge Health build for the future. Data is being directly used to inform short, medium and long-term plans for the organization, including:

Get Involved

Your feedback doesn’t end here. The community still has an important role in the successful completion of Lakeridge Health’s planning processes.

Have an idea on how we can improve health care services in the Durham Region for the future? Let us know.