Patient Experience Panel


In April 2016, Lakeridge Health created a Patient Experience Panel to review the patient experience of the Emergency Room at our Oshawa hospital, as well as the way your hospital listens to and acts on patient issues.

The Panel was led by four experts with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds. The recommendations they made has led to a real, measurable difference in the way patients and families experience care across Lakeridge Health's regional system of care. The panel assessed key areas of the hospital from April to July 2016, and upon completion of the assessment, the panel published the "Patient Experience Panel Report" in August 2016. Following the report's release, Lakeridge Health has acted promptly on its recommendations and has embedded the tactics into the hospital's everyday operations.

Final Report of the Patient Experience Panel 

Patient Experience Panel Biographies


April 2016

July 2016 

August 2016