Lakeridge Health Elevate IV Pole

Nurses demonstrate the Elevate IV Pole

In 2010, Lakeridge Health partnered with Notion Medical to design a radically new take on the standard hospital IV pole. The Lakeridge Health Elevate IV pole is designed to reduce the strain on nurses and prevent injuries.

Standard hospital IV poles require hospital staff to lift heavy IV bags above their heads to hook onto the poles. It is estimated a typical nurse will lift 1.8 tonnes in an average shift, and this strain contributes significantly to workplace injuries.

The Lakeridge Health Elevate IV pole incorporates an ergonomic design that allows nurses to drop the IV hooks closer to shoulder height and use a lever system to lift the heavy IV bags, reducing the weight of the bags by approximately 50%.

Key features of the new IV pole include:

  • A sturdier base with a single-click brake system;
  • A design that allows patients to walk around with the pole held closer to their body, reducing the risk of falling;
  • Adjustable fold-out shelves that bear the weight of heavy pumps while attaching them to the pole securely; and
  • A power bar with a built-in quick wrap cord feature to remove dangling cords.