Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology at Lakeridge Health

Lakeridge Health is the first hospital in Canada to launch a fully integrated digital pathology system that is helping to improve quality, cut wait times, and reduce stress for patients waiting for biopsy results. For more complicated cases, it's meant a drop in wait times from 4 to 6 weeks to just 4 to 6 days.

Digital pathology scans and uploads images of tissue samples through a cutting-edge digital system that allows pathologists to view the samples from their computer no matter where they are. In the past, slides were prepared, packaged and shipped across the province, or even across the country. Through a partnership with the University Health Network (UHN), Lakeridge Health now has access to more than 60 pathologists with specialized knowledge.

Lakeridge Health currently has two digital scanners and is currently uploading more than 100 slides per day, with the capacity to upload 400.  So far, the technology is being used to help diagnose cancers including head and neck, liver, thyroid, lung and bone cancer.